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Private Client Portfolios

Chapman Capital Advisors is a Stuart, Florida investment firm where we believe in getting to know you so we can work in partnership to attain your specific goals. We design our client portfolios with a goal of managing costs so that you will keep more of your investment return.

Planning for Life Events

  • Becoming Florida residents
  • Finances during a second marriage
  • Supportive guidance after losing a spouse
  • Education for grandchildren
  • Selling a major asset
  • Income planning with charity in mind
  • Readiness for hurricanes
  • Diversifying a concentrated stock position

Investment and Estate Planning

  • Generating income for retirement
  • Discretionary asset management
  • Tax aware portfolios
  • Fee analysis and fee reduction
  • Investing for the next generation
  • Reviewing estate plan documents
  • Referrals to legal and tax experts

Planning for Changes in Health

  • In case of long-term illness
  • In case of memory changes
  • Health care strategies with an RN
  • Household bill pay if you cannot
  • Personal trust officer services
  • Referrals for personal care services

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